Where are the Grown Ups We Were Promised?

I have mentioned multiple times how thin-skinned Trump seemed to be when it came to him being criticized by anyone. I’ve never really characterized Joe Biden mainly because he stays hidden from the public, only coming out to bumble around or accuse half the population of being terrorists but in those times, even when he’s doing all he can to antagonize everyone he can, he does come across as petty and vindictive, doesn’t he? Ignoring the governor of a state that’s being devastated by a category 5 hurricane? Trump never did anything like that. He’s paranoid, or at least appears that way in public, because he knows, somewhere in what’s left of his mind, that he’s in way over his head as president. Anyone notice how he returns to Delaware every weekend, and anything about those trips are classified. Rewporters can’t even get a visitors log, like they can at the White House. Curious? Sure.

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