Deleterious Effects of mRNA ‘Vaccine’?

I can’t recall how many of these stories I’ve read or heard about in the last year. A lot would be a good characterization but I also don;t want people to think that these stories are anecdotal when most of what I’ve read or heard have been people that have been hospitalized after receiving the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccie”. the problem with this is that there was no actual testing like thee have ben for new drugs of any kind for decades before being allowed to be (in this case) injected into the general public. I realize we had an emergency, but to not be able to tell people of any serious side effects that may occur including death, is going to far. What we’ve been given is an experimental “vaccine” that no one knows 1) the true efficacy of and 2) how the long term health of the patient may be affected. We learned a lot from this “pandemic”. Most of what we learned was to not trust any government health agencies, including the CDC and FDA.

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