Chris Cuomo Out of the Dungeon

I watched the premier tonight of “Cuomo”, a new show on NewNation (used to be WGN, Chicago), at 8pm eastern time, going up against, Tucker Carlson on Fox. I think it was okay. One segment was part 1 of an interview with Bill Maher which made no news, but we were teased with part 2 on Tuesday. It was obvious he was trying not to inject his opinion, and that’s what he promised but he’s a Democrat and everyone knows it. That’s fine, just don’t puppet their propaganda if you want to be viewed as impartial. So, I give the show a chance but I can’t see Chris Cuomo ever garnering the demographics that any of the Fox News primetime shows have. I know that NewsNation is trying to grow an audience that is not far left or right, but moderate, politically. And since that’s really most of the electorate, they have a chance in making it. Good luck, Chris.

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