No Uniforms or Rifles? No Problem. Go Fight Anyway

As Russia attempts to conscript and send another 300,000 troops to Ukraine, they’ve run into a bit of a conundrum. They’re missing as many as 1.5 million uniforms. How does that happen? In the U.S. our military procurement system contracts with various companies that meet the standards as well as the price points for items like uniforms. With the corrupt infrastructure that is Russia, did they pay for uniforms that they never received? What else do the military not have? It appears from reporting, that some conscripts are issued ancient (late 19th century) Mosin rifles, used until the last few decades. Read that report.It’s frightening. Not to mention, as the article does, that these new troops are completely untrained. How many times have I said that these troops, even the original 200,000, were nothing more than cannon fodder. Russia underestimated the resolve of the Ukrainian people and dismissed too easily the anger of the west with their hegemonic disaster. But the west can take some blame from the fact that we got it wrong from the beginning and believed the intelligence thst Ukraine would fall in 3-5 days. Once we determined that wasn’t going to happen (3 weeks later) we began dumping weapons as well as cash believing they might last a coupe more months. After that, surprise, surprise! Ukraine is not only still fighting the momentum is with them. It now makes sense due to the poor treatment of the troops sent to fight and the utter lack of leadership.

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