Professional Journals Take Another Blow

Wasn’t it just a few years ago we were discussing problems in the peer review process for becoming published in any academic journal? We even saw some people generating fake papers on purpose to see if they could get any of them published, one of which was a direct copy of a chapter from Mein Kampf! Now we find that even though there was an effort to clean up the peer review process, it seems that not much has been accomplished in the last few years, especially when this one publisher, is retracting over 500 papers and is looking through their publications to pull even more.there’s even been a movement to retire the peer review process because, over time, it has become corrupt with those in field supporting others work thst agrees wit there own, even though none of the work has been validated separately. Instead of a journal rushing some “important” paper to print, take the the extra time to ensier that what is being published is not based on faked data or biased assertions.

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