The Public Isn’t Fooled by Media Created Issues

I can’t believe CNN is making an admission that crime is eclipsing abortion as a midterm issue. Well, yeah, it should be because almost anywhere any of us live, crime is increading ion frwequency and volatility. By that I mean, pure, unadulterated, violence. There are places in some cities now that have become “nogo” for most citizens because they have no idea if they will be attacked on the street, shot to death just because someone felt like killing that day, or carjacked (and killed). Mayors of these cities seem to be at a loss as to how to stem this crime spree and make people feel safe in their neighborhoods. Of course, they all want to place the blame elsewhere, but what they don’t realize is that we know that’s just politics and as long as these politicians continue to pretend that’s what’s in their faces doesn’t exist. But to have CNN say that crime is now a larger issue thsa abprtion ois saying something sine it was the media itself that made the Dobbs decision a political football to begin with, Now that most people understand what the Dobbs decision really mesns,it was time to change horses.

One thought on “The Public Isn’t Fooled by Media Created Issues

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