Growing Up Puerto Rican

Seriously. Who is this serial liar we elected president? Please correct me that I can’t find a single public statement of his that is not a lie. The media was always on Trump about all the lies he told. This guy, Biden, is even a fabulist concerning his own history. Her was intimately involved in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s (Never happened) to getting arrested in South Africa while trying to see Nelson Mandela (Nope), to the most recent where he grew up, in Delaware, immersed (my word) in the Puerto Rican community which in 1970 was only 0.39% of the then 550,000 population. This has nothing to do with his dementia, it’s just fabricating a history to attempt to be part of the crowd he’s speaking to (he was speaking in Puerto Rico). Why does the media keep covering for him? they’ve been doing this for years and now that it’s clear he has a form of dementia, they even cover for him when he makes outrageous gaffes like when he was looking for the congresswoman at an event recently. she’s been dead for over a month. Did anyone in the media think it was strange? A few did but it barely made the news at all. Why are they covering for a guy that isn’t doing anything for them and in fact, would actually go further than Obama did in spying on reporters. No one even believes that Biden is actually running the government; his handlers take care of domestic and foreign policy. that’sa why we’re losing not only our position in the world (economically) but respect from not ponly our friends and allies, but our adversaries and enemies as well.

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