Elon Begins by a Fact Check

I’m fine with this, Just a day after taking ownership of Twitter, they fact-check the @POTUS account, Of course Biden lied. Everything coming out of his mouth is a lie, How about the “vote” on student loans that never happened? It was an Executive Order, congress never voted on it and if they did, it would never have passed/ When he claims that in 2020 via Twittr, that 55 companies paid no Federal tax, well it’s just too easy to verify, isn’t it? Maybe Joe’s staff should fact-check theselves befre putting anything out in Joe’s name. It is a lie and foolish to believe that thee would be no one to validate that claim. That it’s now Twitter, who did everything possible in 2920 tp protect Biden, well, about time. Think we’d see this without change of ownership?

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