It’s Time to be Finished With Iraq

As someone who spent 13 months in that hellhole, I can say for certain that we never had a need to be there in the first place. And if we did, once Saddam Hussein was out of the picture, we should’ve exited pronto. But no, we’ve got to create democracies around the world that mimic our own, or at least. Western Society. Unfortunately, 1,500 years of cultural immersion doesn’t make it easy for change. That’s only if change is what’s wanted. When you add in religious animosity, anything can and will happen. These people don’t need or want us or any western power to interfere in their lives and we’d all be better off if we just leave them alone to solve their own problems. Go ahead Iran, why don’t you jump into that mess? Guess how long you’ll last? It’s not just the Sunni faction that has to be dealt with but also the Kurds in the north. Those folks are pretty badass fighters. Ask the Syrians.

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