Some Are About to Experience the Effects of Global Cooling (AKA Winter)

I don’t know how much those that live in the U.K. or Europe are aware of the news being reported in the U.S. but we’re being told all of you are going to be freezing to death, or close to it. this coming winter. the reason for this are all the poor decisions. your governments have made in recent years concerning climate change. Moving away from fossil fuels to heat your homes, shutting down nuclear plants. Pretty much doing everything you can to take your countries back to the Middle Ages. Congratulations to you and those idiots you placed in power to make your lives as miserable as possible. Have no fear that you’ll be alone because we, too, elected a complete moron – ours probably has Demetria as well as he’s on video shaking hands with dead air,- and he and his willing Igor-like friends in Congress are doing all they can in as short a time possible to place the U.S. in the same position. You’ll be first though, and we’ll be watching to see how much misery you are in so that, at minimum, our government can make certain we experience the same as you.

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