You Can’t Make This Up

Sorry, but I cannot look away from this. Who writes this idiots speeches and if he’s ad-libbing, why do his handlers allow him to do that? Is it he’s just trying to whip up a crowd or is he truly that stupid? At this point in his presidency, I am looking at the later than the former because I don’t believe anyone on his staff are any smarter than the moron-in-chief. If you can’t understand what I am complaining about, it is Biden’s claim that an AR-15 round travels “five times faster” than any other gun. That would mean that an AR-15 round would be traveling around 16,000 feet per second *. I wonder if anyone in the media, especially a White House reporter, will question his Press Secretary on that claim? What will be really interesting is the response because, as she’s shown, she’s the other half of “Dumb and Dumber”.

*BTW that’s 10,909 miles per hour.

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