Violent Language Doesn’t Garner Support

Since the White House begn attacking. Ultra MAGA and later just Trump Supporters, I’ve been taking an informal poll of those I know that vote Democrat on a regular basis. My questions are pretty simple as in, Do you think it’s fair to smear over 70 million voters as dangerous to democracy, extremists and yes, even terrorists? The answer I have received most, even from those I consider “hardline” Democrats is no, they think it is beyond the pale. I then ask if these attacks on Americans predispose them to continie to vote democratic, especially this fall. Out of 6, only one person said they’d still vote for the democratic candidate, the other 5 either said they would not vote at all, or vote for the republican candidate. Yes, it’s a tiny sample but could this be a sign that because of the hate speech emanating from democratic leadership, the enthusiasm of democrat voters has significantly waned. I’d like to see a national survey of course and as we get closer to the midterms, I know we’ll see plenty/.

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