Passing the Purity Test

For the last several years, there has been a call by what I consider a vocal minority to honor and even respect the choices they make about something that’s become very important to them: Gender Identification. I’m always a bit unsure how to address this since I view gender as strictly binary. I’m not a biologist though so I guess it’s possible for there to be dozens of genders and the idea that we’re just discovering this fact now, in the 21st century, means that as a species, we’ve evolved substantially from even our more recent ancestors enough to discover that for millennia our science and philosophy has been in gross error. Today, it’s incumbent upon everyone to recognize a persons true gender as well as be able to address this person with the correct pronouns that they’ve chosen. The punishment for ignoring or accidentally mis-gendering someone is social death. That is, being mobbed off social media as well as being ostracized by those you once considered friends and allies. So yes, a kind of “Purity Test” is established so that everyone will know and only associate online or in person with those approved by passing The Test. One failure, one accidental misuse of a pronoun will get you exiled to social media purgatory at best, hell at worst. Like many other cults of this sort we’ve all witnessed in the past, they will eventually run out of enemies and have to begin to start looking inward, their Purity Test becoming more and more stringent until – there’s none left to take it much less enforce it.

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