The Real Heroes of Disaster

Remember during the “pandemic” and most if us were in lockdown one way or another? Something I did everyday was to turn on the news at about the time there’s be a newsconference from the White House. Of course, those didn;t begin exactly at the same rimes everyday so to make sure I caught it, I tuned in about 30 minutes early and went about my business untl the real show for the day began. I do recell hearung stories of our brave healthcare frontline warriors, risking their own lives to care for and try to save those that had been devastated by the COVID-19 virus. Heartwarming as well as heartbreaking ro see the photos of the exhausted doctors and nurses from various hospitals, then we began to see these little videos, Tik Tij I believe of these same workers doing , “flash mob” like dance videos. I thought they were really good at the time until I considered that these could not have been spontaneous as they were too well choreographed. In other words, they spent time coming up with the music and then prcticing the dance moves to then record and show the public (I guess) that even though they were the brave warroirs we were told they were, they could show that their spirit was high. There were a lot of these made. I kept wondering how they found the time with all the dying around them. This couldn’t be some sort of virtue signaling, could it?

Neither do those that fight wildfires or any other natural disaster.

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