Musk and Twitter: Let Users be Users

Is the objection of Elon Musk buying Twitter really about “free speech”? Why would anyone have a problem with more, legal speech, in the virtual town square? But that”s not what appears up be the cause of concern. There have always been those that have objected to a venue where everyone’s opinion was evaluated based on reasonableness and being mindful of facts. Nothing seems to matter to some, though, in that free speech to them means correct speech. and not espousing what some believe to be the correct opinions on issues such as sex and gender, climate change, or any number of topics that may interest people at some level should not be allowed a voice. Ever. Twitter itself has completely bought into woke ideology only to see users suspended and banned for what could only be called incorrect opinions. Opinions may be wrong, based on the actual facts known of a subject, and those are ripe for debate anywhere, and should be on platforms like Twitter. Outside making direct threats to indibiduals or groups, Twitterr should be an open platform where anything may be discussed without fear of being de=platformed or mobbed by other users. I hope this takeover happens fast and that
community standards are better defined to be as inclusive as possible. Let’s not let the government or some other industry determine what is dis or misinformation. Let users decide.

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