No, Cheney Ignored Her Constituents. That’s Why She Lost

My friend Jack over at Atheist Revolution has a post up saying that Liz Cheney, who just lost her seat in Congress in the recent Wyoming primary, should be praised for her “courage”. I have to say I disagree and wonder if Jack would say the same thing about a Democrat that suddenly came out against their party. Maybe, but I doubt there would be a blog post on it. Suffice to say the reason Cheney lost is that she no longer represented her constituency. These people are elected to represent us and what we want, not their niggling political disagreements. People cared that she was more concerned with a non-insurrection, insurrection, than the needs of Wyoming. So she was destroyed the primary. Good. The same should happen to anyone, no matter which party they belong to as it’s time for Americans to take their country back. How do we do this? Vote. Wyoming did.

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